Best Housing Projects in Pakistan

Best housing projects in Pakistan

There are many different housing projects in Pakistan, which cater to people of different income levels. These housing projects are creative and make sure that they provide their residents with facilities which they need, in order to have a good lifestyle and comfortable life. Following are some of the best housing projects in Pakistan.

Defence Housing Authority

DHA or Defence Housing Authority provides residents with a safe environment. It is a gated community, which was originally built for retired army personnel, but it is now possible for the general public to buy plots and houses there as well. The reason why DHA is such a unique housing project, as compared to other housing projects, is because of the family friendly environment and the beautiful architecture you can witness.

Park View City

Park View City is another amazing housing project in Pakistan, which is surrounded by green hills. When you buy a property in Park View City, you will be able to understand why people are so fascinated with this project. It provides residents with the very best facilities and with a view that can fascinate you. The location is very much ideal and the facilities that it offers, makes the purchase price worth it.

Park View Villas

Lahore is a beautiful city and what adds more to its beauty, is the fact that it has beautiful housing schemes. Park View Villas is one of the best housing projects in Pakistan, which is situated on the Multan Road. Park View Villas offer their residents modern style homes, with beautiful architecture and amazing facilities. Park View Villas has created a whole new city for the residents, as it offers them health care facilities, basic facilities and entertainment facilities. If you want to go to a zoo or a park or even a cinema, Park View Villas has got it all!

Bahria Town

Most of us have heard of Bahria Town and that is mainly because of the facilities they offer. There are many available residential and commercial plots, that can be bought in Bahria Town. Bahria Town has developed good infrastructure facilities and offers their residents basic facilities and entertainment options as well. Bahria Town is one of the best and most popular housing projects in Pakistan. They have spent a lot on advertising and making people aware, about how they can change their life for the better. In Karachi alone, there are many different Bahria Town related projects like Bahria Paradise, Bahria Sports City, and Bahria Midway Commercial.

When there are more than two or three housing projects in a city alone, it creates competition and competition is healthy in such a market. It encourages the developers and the owners of these housing projects to provide their residents with the best services and offer them affordable rates. Residents also feel relief as they have more options and can find a house or plot, that doesn’t leave them bankrupt. Make sure you research before you chose a housing project, to avoid any scams.

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