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Development at Park View City Islamabad

There are different kinds of plots for sale; commercial and residential plots are the two prominent plots that we usually observe in a city. Commercial plots can be used for the making a restaurant, or opening up an office or a shop; while residential plots are bought for making a home or three story apartment. It all depends on the person who buys the plot.


A plot is a piece of land, and the size of a plot varies. For example, in Karachi, there are plots available at Bahria Town, Malir Housing Scheme, Jodphur Society and S.I.T.E. The commercial plots are usually available in those areas, where there are other commercial activities happening; it is less likely that a commercial plot will be available in a residential area, but close to a residential area is a possibility. Where as Lahore and Islamabad also best option to invest the property.

Benefit of Plots

When you are looking for a plot, you are basically searching for a piece of land, that has no construction done on it, because you have a plan in mind. If you are looking for a plot, then you either want to build your own home, or you want an office space. However, whenever you’re buying a plot, you should definitely take into account other factors that can affect your decision, and won’t trouble you after you have made a purchase.


Even if size of the plot is the same, the prices may differ in each area of Karachi. For example, a 125 Sq. Yd. plot in Bahria Town is worth 17.5 Lakh, while a 200 Sq. Yd. plot in MDA Scheme 1, Bin Qasim Town, is worth 8.5 Lakh. This is because of the area and how it is branded in Karachi. The facilities and the location of Bahria Town, is better as compared to the one in Bin Qasim Town. Similarly, there might be another area which could be better than Bin Qasim Town and Bahria Town, like DHA. In Lahore Park View Villas Lahore is best option where as 125 Sq. Yd plot in just 35 Lakh.

Development of a Plot

It doesn’t matter what you are making on a plot and how you’re developing it. What matters the most is that you have to follow all the rules and regulations by that area’s authoritative body, about how you can develop a plot. Some areas have strict rules about construction; for example, when you are making a house, you can work after six pm, because it may disturb the other residents living in that area. Moreover, there might be rules and regulations about the length of the wall on both sides, whether the builder can make a basement or not and the other rules that are necessary to make sure that there is no infringement of rights.

When you want to buy a plot, you need to keep in mind the reason you want a plot and you should look for other factors as well. You need to look at the neighborhood, what kind of facilities you need on a daily basis and the ones that are available, and then make a sound decision, that is most suited.

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