The National School

The National School

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We welcome you to the system of The National School Aimed Education launched in 2012 in major cities of Punjab. TNSAE’s main objective is to cultivate the culture of aimed learning towards personality development and professional education so that our children can be progressive and dynamic leaders of tomorrow. With state-of-the-art campus and competent and devoted faculty members, we intend to aid the selection of career as the most important benchmark. For this purpose we have designed an assessment system that analyzes the aptitude and skills of every child, which ultimately focuses to career counseling and career development to achieve the aim of life.

Mission Statement

Our primary aim is to transform individual into personalities. We equip our students to meet the challenges of modern world with creative minds, strength of character and bold commitment. Our ambition is to inculcate such values with quality education so they develop as responsible and beneficial citizens progressing their families, country and wider community.

Diversity of Subjects

We offer a variety of subjects spanning the Arts, social sciences, business and mathematics. Students are encouraged to take a blend of subjects rather than restrict themselves to only the Social Sciences or only the Arts. We also encourage students to get a well-balanced blend of subjects to enable critical and responsible thinking.They are given an all rounded curriculum to ensure they become conscious members of the society.

Chairman’s message

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison” –Victor Hugo

Welcome, all the parents and the students of The National School Aimed Education!
Believe in practicing equality, I have established this school to ensure access to quality education narrowing the gap between the elite and government schools of Pakistan. “The right to education is not an end to itself but an important tool in improving the quality of life.” With this perspective, “The National School Aimed Education” came into being two years ago.
The sub-continent was noted all over the world as a glorious center of education and culture where students from all parts of globe used to pour in. It was an ideal system of education which apart from disseminating light, infused into the minds of students, a spiritual urge for coming in contact with these educational institutions. But now it is asserted with great regret that our educational system is steadily falling. The discrimination among various classes of our society has its visible reflection on our education system which consequently continues to serve to train children for future occupations according to the opportunities their specific class offers. This disparity can be resolved if emphasis be laid on meaningful quality education, accessible to all and suggests reforms that would allow contribution towards equality in rights and opportunities for more sustainable future of our nation.
Education for me is the overall development of a child, his/her moral and cultural growth so he/she becomes a beneficial citizen of the world. My aim is to bring such reforms in the overall education system that hold promising institutions producing committed citizens making healthier communities and a better world.


Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation

About Foundation

Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation is a progressive and dynamic non-profit organization which is leading the way in humanitarian assistance and poverty alleviation by providing viable financial support to those in need, in the forms of shelter, education, health care and disaster relief.  The Foundation envisages that all human beings, of any color, creed, religion, or community across the globe, deserve to live honorable lives. We, therefore, also provide care and support services for special children particularly girls. Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, a businessman turned politician, is the Chairman and Founder of this Foundation.

abdul aleem khan foundation
Property in islamabad


Park View City Islamabad

Park view city situated in the heart of Islamabad is a definition of luxury and serenity. When it comes to finding the perfect family friendly neighborhood a lot of things are to be considered, from schools to hospitals to other facilities that are required.

We believes in providing comfort and luxury to its people, it is a gated community making it secure and safe for families, located on the prime location of Islamabad next to Bahria enclave. It has all you need to raise a family in the best imaginable environment.

Modern Infrastructure

Load shedding free society, underground supply of electricity and 24/7 availability of gas and water makes it the perfect fit for your family. Park view city covers every need of its residents whether you are an adult, a teen or a child. Luxurious facilities within the community can easily take care of any pent-up stress due to rush hours.

Elegant Housing

Its plan and modern state of the art facilities ranging from hospital, school, mosque, parks, cinema, shopping mall, food street, gym, zoo and a huge sports complex with indoor and outdoor sports like bowling, swimming, golf, snooker and many more within the gated community allowing you and your family to utilize the basic needs and enjoy the luxuries of life in a secure stress-free environment.

Park view City Islamabad is Based on an exceptionally standardized infrastructure, a remarkable residential plan of Park view city Islamabad has been initiated by the vision group. Our extremely skillful teams of consultants and incredibly competent engineers have strived hard to come with an excellent plan of park view housing scheme in an exceptionally attractive and prestigious location of the city.

The availability of gas, water and underground system of electricity is always helpful in facilitating the residents of Park View City Islamabad. The 5, 8, 10 marlas and 1 and 2 kanals plots are available whose payment is starting from 20%.

Pakistan’s man-made capital reigns supreme in the hearts of Pakistanis and foreigners alike. The city, known for its lush greenery and proximity to nature, has been of high significance for the country. Keeping the ‘nature’ factor into consideration, Park View has delivered a homeland in the mountains.

Park View City Islamabad
Park View City Islamabad

Please click the link below to download the plan

park view icon

Park View Icon (I.I.Chundrigar Road-Karachi)

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Park View Icon Karachi

The Park View Icon Building is both a landmark and a contemporary attraction, making it a perfect place to work from with high-end facilities that render ease and luxury to the overall environment. Karachi Icon provides you with exquisite office floors and penthouse offices with facilities including conference rooms, restaurant, parking facilities and lobbies. Added facilities of mobile boosters, fiber optics and wifi environment makes your everyday work easier and hassle free. Special importance has been paid to the security of the building with controlled access to entry and a state-of-the-art centralized system so people can work with ease of mind in a safe environment. A perfect blend of a lavish office space that makes you want to go to work every day!


Park View Apartments (Gulberg-Lahore)

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About Park View Apartments

After the successful project of Park View Society and Park View Villas by the dynamic Vision Group, we bring another housing gem in the bustling city of Lahore. Located at central areas such as the happening Gulberg and the ancient Mall Road, these apartments truly give you the feel of Lahore. With state of the art amenities, it’s everything you need for a comfortable living.
Located a few minutes away from Gulberg and the colonial Mall Road, Park View Apartments is easy to find and easy to reach. A highly secure facility with CCTV cameras and round the clock security personnel, these apartments are well equipped on each floor. A building of 10 floors, this scheme comes with a mosque and gym facilities. The apartment building is accessible through capsule lifts as well as stairs. Stairs for emergency circumstances are also present. Ample parking space is provided on three basement parking floors which can accommodate about 134 cars and 300 motor cycles.

Park View Apartments, 18 D-1

Within the hustle and bustle of the Gulberg Area, Park View Apartments is perfect for those who want to settle in the heart of a city. A fully equipped building that facilitates you in all ways. A classic foyer with reception and waiting area welcomes you when you step in the building. The apartment building houses its own trendy spa and beauty salon where you can treat yourself. The gym is well equipped and has lockers and changing rooms. We make sure that you live luxuriously and that is why we have a swimming pool exclusively for the residents. The Executive Lounge Sitting is also created for our esteemed residents. The building is also accessible through capsule lifts and stairs. It has:

1 Floor for Penthouses: 05 Units   2 Bedroom Apartments: 24 Units
1 Bedroom Apartments: 22 Units   3 Bedroom Apartments: 11 Units

Park View Apartments at 18 D-1 have exclusive basement car parking facility as well as a car wash area in basement 2. We also provide servant quarters for your domestic help.

Park View Corporate Center (Mall road-Lahore)

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Corporate Center

A custom designed office structure including facilities, amenities and services imposing luxury. Corporate Center provides you with an elegant office place with carefully designed facilities keeping in mind all the needs of a corporate worker including waiting area, capsule lifts and parking area. The natural light inducing design of the building provides you with an office space that is different from other offices and the enchanted outdoor ambiance adds to the overall look of the building. Modern day privileges like gym, kitchen and dining room allows you to blow off steam after a hectic working day. Corporate Center provides you with a luxurious and well equipped office space up scaling your working life.

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Park View Villas (Multan Road-Lahore)

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Park View Villas

Park View Villas residential area is among latest series of projects started by Vision Group. Emphasizing upon accessibility and comfort, the villas are situated in an exceptionally ideal location in Lahore at Multan Road opposite DHA EME sector. The villas can be reached via Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover, through canal road (Signal free) or from the Lahore Motorway as you enter the city of gardens.

The developers of Park View Society that houses 4500 families in a well-equipped society of 7000 Kanals, have now come up with the project of Park View Villas. Our teams of experienced consultants and engineers have enabled us to present affordable villas in various sizes and designs. Park View Villas is an accomplished state of the art society, with a Community Center, Commercial Area, Health Club, Mosque, Security cameras/surveillance along with a well-built protective boundary wall.

Located in Lahore, it is on main Multan Road and right opposite to DHA EME Sector. It is accessible from all parts of the city:

1- 3 km from Thokar Niaz Baig Fly Over.
2- Signal-less approach from Canal road.
3- 2 km from Lahore Motorway.

Registered with Lahore Development Authority, Park View Villas at River Edge Housing Scheme comprises of residential plots of 4 Marla, 5-Marla,8 Marla 10-Marla and 1-Kanal

About Lahore

The cultural capital of Pakistan, the city of hearty food and warm hearted people, Lahore is one of the most ancient cities of South Asia.

Rich in Mughal and Colonial architecture, the city of Lahore is home to many iconic landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qila and Shahlimar gardens built in 1600s still stand strong today. Lahore Museum, Lahore Zoo, Tollington Market, Minare Pakistan are also famous tourist spots.

But Lahore has much more than that. It’s a bustling urban city with malls, flyovers, cinemas and infrastructure. The flavors of Lahore are also one of the top attractions. Whether it’s the traditional cuisine at the food street in inner city or thousands of options in the diverse M.M Alam Road, the food is to die for.

This is the city to call home!